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With her smooth skin and youthful looks, Evonne's age is hard to guess—she's actually 70 years old! Evonne says she feels age is just a number. "I can't say what 70 feels like because I don't feel 70," Evonne says. "I don't feel 60, actually. I don't feel 50." Evonne, who has been single since 1958, looks so young that when she goes out with her 50-year-old son, people think she's his date!

When Evonne got a divorce at the age of 22, she says she decided to revolutionize her life. "I just decided I didn't like the way I was brought up and so on, and I was going to 're-raise' myself. I was going to have high life, condition in my life and energy, and I was introduced to the transcendental meditation technique," she says. "It opened the door for me seeing my inner bliss, and from then on, it's been up, up, up!"

Evonne has an active lifestyle in New York City, where she gets around by walking, riding her bike or Rollerblading. She also does Pilates and belly dancing. What's Evonne's secret to looking so incredibly young? "Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!" Evonne says. "Every morning [when] I get up, before I open the door to pick up my New York Times, I have moisturizer on."

In addition to taking care of her body, Evonne says living her life with passion and awareness has made all the difference. "Compared to 10 years ago, I feel marvelous. I feel more confident. I feel more beautiful. And I think it's because I've opened inwardly that I just feel the world's my oyster," she says.

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