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We sort of stumbled into this during Monday's webinar...

Tim Bost verkkotunnuksen  kautta
to 30. syysk. 21.08 (13 tuntia sitten)

Hi sidis!

When we recorded our live special training webinar on Monday, the current Mercury retrograde period was just getting underway.

The full effect of this big event will continue to be felt for weeks to come, and it can really disrupt the market action - and our personal lives as well.

The truth is, though, there are some really big opportunities ahead - but we can take advantage of them only if we know how to side-step the dangers that accompany them.

That's why we did a deep-dive Monday into the precise factors that make this particular Mercury retrograde so noteworthy and unusual.

Our special session was all about How To Succeed With Mercury Retrograde Using Advanced Astro-Trading Tools.

But the truth is, we actually ended up going far beyond that goal during our session on Monday.

We also started to look into the upcoming elemental cycles for Mercury retrograde periods, just to get a braoder understanding of the merging trends.

We sort of stumbled into that analysis, but it yielded some very intriguing results, including a look at all the upcoming Mercury retrograde cycles for the next five years, through the end of 2026.

So it was really a remarkable training session.

But if you missed joining us live then, you can still get the complete video recording and grab all the insights and details.

By the way, because this information is so timely, and because we want to make sure that you can get all the benefit that comes with advanced knowledge, we've radically slashed the price on the complete video of this vital training session.

In fact, if you order right away, you'll not only get an 89% discount off the original full tuition price, but you can also use Coupon Code 25RETRO to knock an additional 25% of your total.

(The bottom line is this - we wanted to remove all possible barriers to your getting this incredible information right away - so you can put it to work during the next three weeks while Mercury is retrograde - and then far beyond that as well!)

In short, this advanced training video is a key astro-trading tool you won't want to miss!


All the best,


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