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Kirjoittaja Aihe: Yoga-vaasiSTha: sairauksien syitä!  (Luettu 1641 kertaa)
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At these words of Vasistha, Rama interposed and
said: „Please enlighten me as to the origin and
destruction of mental disease‟. In answer to this
Vasishta thus continued: „The pains that afflict the
body are called the secondary diseases, whilst the
Vasanas that affect the mind are termed mental (or
primary) diseases. We have reached our present
state through the absence of the transcendental
Jnana, the want of mastery over our organs and the
perpetual growth of desires and egoism in the
mind. And our delusion becomes intensified in us
by forgetfulness of the degradation of our state
through such causes. With the concretion of such
delusion, the mental disease also setting in
congeals in us like the plenteous snows of winter.
Then when the intense desires of a person begin to
manifest themselves externally and the Ajnana in
him preponderates, he performs fearful karmas
and these in their turn breed bodily diseases.
Again, the body is further subject to diseases
through such actions as the eating of unwholesome
food, living in unhealthy countries, and doing
things at unseasonable hours, injuries inflicted,
association with the wicked, longing after
improper things, evil desires, bad thoughts, the
distension and contraction of the orifices of the
Nadis in the joints, etc., and the interrupted flow of
the beneficial Pranas throughout the body these
cause the body to shrink away. Then these blossom
in the form of diseases in the body, waxing and
waning- like the floods in a river during the long
seasons of autumn and winter. The body attracts to
itself effects according to the nature of its countless
affinities good or bad, whether in previous births
or in the present one. Thus do we see that diseases,
primary and secondary arise through the five-fold
Bhutas (elements).
Now listen, O Rama, as to the manner in which the
two forms of disease, primary and   , alkaen sivulta 608

Jos kiinnostaa, teksti jatkuu VasiSThan vinkeillä Raamalle, kuinka sairaudet parannetaan lopullisesti, tjsp...
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Kun tää* selas sisällysluetteloa, tää hokas että sivulta 248 alkaa läppää "sukrasta" (tarkemmin: shukra** Loistava)
eli Venuksesta. (Lisäys) Ainakin tuo näyttää olevan jonkun tyypin nimi tuossa kontekstissa...
Tarkoittaa näköjään myös mäihää! (semen virile , seed of animals (male and female) , sperm ) No jopas jotakin: tuohan onkin rakkaustarina Taivaallisen misun ja Shukran välillä!

Whilst Sukra was living there amidst
luxurious enjoyments, the self same Deva lady
with budding breasts, whom he had before seen,
emerged out of a group of damsels and presented
herself before him. The eyes of Sukra gleamed with
inexpressible delight at the sight of this fair
creature who, in turn, returned his glances. While
thus their hearts and eyes were melting into one
with love, Sukra who never failed to bring into
existence whatever he willed through his Sankalpa
willed that sable darkness should envelop the
space. (Että pääsis pökkimään?? Heh...)


chidakasa: mahdollisesti cit (tshit: mieli tahi tietoisuus??) + aakaasha, mitä ikinä se sitten tarkoittaneekaan...   Huh    Shocked ***

* egon minimoimiseksi, LOL!

** näkyy tarkoittavan myös VasiSThan poikaa:

zukra ( = shukra)   mf(%{A4})n. (fr. 1. %{zuc} cf. %{zukla}) bright , resplendent RV. AV. VS. Br. MBh. ; clear , pure RV. AV. VS. S3Br. ; light-coloured , white RV. AV. S3a1n3khBr. ; pure , spotless RV. Br. ; m. N. of Agni or fire R. ; of a month (Jyesht2ha = May-June , personified as the guardian of Kubera's treasure) MBh. Sus3r. ; the planet Venus or its regent (regarded as the son of Bhr2igu and preceptor of the Daityas) MBh. R. &c. ; clear or pure Soma RV. ; (with or scil , %{graha}) a partic. Graha or receptacle for Soma VS. S3Br. ; a partic. astrol. Yoga L. ; a N. of the Vya1hr2itis (%{bhUr} , %{bhuvaH} , %{svar}) MW. ; a kind of plant (= %{citraka}) ib. ; N. of a Marutvat Hariv. ; of a son of Vasisht2ha VP.


Chidākāsha in which all gross and subtle activities of the consciousness take place; it is the sky of consciousness, everything dies and evaporates in this space of consciousness, everything is reduced to its essence in this space.[1] Even the mind (conditioned consciousness), along with intellect and ego, merges in this space of unconditioned Pure Consciousness through the paths of devotion, knowledge (funtsiminen?)  and action.[2] It is also associated with the ajna chakra, the guru chakra, positioned in the stomata behind the centre of the forehead.
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Hindujen miälikuvitus on kyllä kylmiä väreitä nostattava tai sitten ei: minä kaikkina
Shukra joutui inkarnoitumaan "lihan" himonsa aiheuttaman  karman takia
(noin sen ymmärsimme hätäisellä lukemisella; luultavasti väärä käsitys...):

 Then he incarnated -
on earth in the country of Dasarna as the son of a
Brahmin. He went the round of lives as a King in
the country of Kosala, a hunter in an extensive
forest, a swan on the banks of the Ganges, a great
King in the Solar family ruling over Poundra
country and the Guru of the Solar race in Salwa
country. For the long period of a Kalpa, he passed
his life as the King of Vidyadharas; he was the
intelligent son of a Muni of great Tapas; a chieftain
in Souvira country with large tanks with fishes
playing in them; the Guru of Saivites (followers of
Siva) in another country; a bamboo cluster in
another country, full of fragrance;
a stag (uroshirvi) in a
decayed forest; a fierce looking boa-constrictor in a
spacious forest. Thus did he pass through various,
wombs; going through births high or low,
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Jos jotkut sattuvat ihmettelemään, miksi RSin (rishin) nimi on VasiSTha (~vasishtha),
mutta opuksen nimi Yoga-vaasiSTha (~jooga-vaasishtha):

vaasiSTha   mf(%{I})n. (also written %{vaashiSTha}) relating or belonging to Vasisht2ha , composed or revealed by him (as the 7th maNDala of the Rg-veda)
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