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Ei kannata mennä valoon tunnelin päässä kuoleman jälkeen jos haluaa irti Matrixista ja reinkarnaatiokierteestä.. Valitsee mieluumin vaikka jonkun kirkkaamman valon tms.

How to exit the Reincarnation system...

Every person that has had a near death experience or has been to those higher dimensions usually say they don’t want to come back. Meaning, the other side of the veil felt like home. So why do we keep coming back to this prison planet?

There is a common theme when leaving the physical body meaning Death...there is that tunnel of light. In reality...the tunnel of light is a soul harvester, it keeps recycling your soul along with your physical body back to this 3-D reality which is Reincarnation. Have you ever wondered why we have had so many incarnations and we are just now starting to wake up to those memories? It’s all a loop!

We all have spirit guides, all of us, but are they the ones that are keeping us in this perpetual loop of cycles of reincarnations back to this dense reality and if so why? Be particularly weary of greys and other archonic figures because if you follow them through this tunnel you will find yourself in this recycling system again only to be shot down to this 3-D reality in complete amnesia, in a completely different physical body.

Remember, they are using technology beyond our human comprehension to wipe out our previous memories. But, there are guides that are here to truly guide you out of this reincarnation cycle this is why your awakening is so important. You need to recover memory in this lifetime so it can’t be completely erased again.

This tunnel of light is just another artificial program to keep you trapped in this perpetual cycle of reincarnation. You’ll feel love like you wouldn’t believe but it’s all a trap, a program. How can it be possible to be under hypnosis and remember every minute detail only to awake and forget all of it? What I’m saying is having this knowledge upon death you can opt out of this reincarnation system ... Meaning, this information and knowledge will be stored in your DNA, your cellular memory.

Meaning, you will not be persuaded next time to come to this 3-D dense reality to pay negative karmic debts. It is truly a brilliant strategy by these Archonic entities to keep the enslavement process of the human race continuing. Remember, it’s a system that feeds off our energy. Pretty much everything we have been told is a lie just to keep the human race subservient to the system. Why do you think the religions of this world tell you to go to that light...think about that.

It’s just interesting to me that the heavily religious do not believe in reincarnation and they are the ones being completely controlled and fooled by it. Remember, if you agree to come back to this planet do not agree to come back to this 3-D system of enslavement. Come back on your own terms which means the remembrance of all your past memories of previous incarnations. You can choose to come back to let’s say a 5th dimensional version of Earth or be a non- physical guide to humanity to help them awaken from this trap from the old 3rd dimensional reality just as our guides are helping us now.

Ultimately, our true peace will come when we realize we are souls and can create a harmonious existence outside of this system of control.

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