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Internetti on pullollaan feikkejä Nostradamus-nelisäkeitä, mutta tämä lienee aito:

The Prophecies of Nostradamus by Erika Cheetham is a complete translation of the original text, first published in 1973. Naturally, I just happen to have a copy lying around for lockdown and today I found both a reference to "plague, lightning and hail at the end of March," and, more importantly, this:

In the feeble lists, great calamity through America and Lombardy. The fire in the ship, plague and captivity; Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn warning.

We can all understand the references to "plague and captivity" at this point, but everything else in this passage lines up too. Assuming "the feeble lists" refer to the sick and the dead, America and Italy (Lombardy is a region in the north of the country) are in the top three most infected countries so far, along with Spain.

Mercury entered Sagittarius in December 2019, which is when the first cases of coronavirus occurred, and Saturn moved into Aquarius on March 21, right as New York City was going into lockdown.

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