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Jenkkimeditaattorien yahoo-gruupista Fairfield Life (Fairfield, Iowa on Maharishi University of Management'in kotipaikka!)

439186Re: [FairfieldLife] Impeachment Procedures could be started started against Trump.

Bhairitu Oct 12 9:40 AM

Just about any astrologer looking at Trump's chart with Moon/Ketu* (keetu: alasolmu)
conjunct would see he would not make a good political leader but the
conjunction might be good for creativity as a game show host. By the
time all is finished he won't be able to run in 2020 and probably will
not still be in office.  But there's more going on than just Trump.  The
chickens from the 2008 bank bailout **are coming home to roost** and they'll
try to stick it to the middle class.

And you want to see an example of a US catastrophe, just look PG&E.
It's the largest utility in the US and too big for anyone to manage as
they demonstrated clearly this last week.  I think they're begging for
California to break them up so the execs can walk away and wash their
hands of it.



The Democrats will have to support a candidate who has a better kundali than Hillary Clinton.  She has a debilitated Sun, in her 1st house.  That's why she lost.  For now, I haven't seen any of the kundalis for the Democratic candidates.

The Moon/Ketu conjunction makes Trump unstable.  That's the reason why he's obsessed by keeping the migrants off the USA with his Wall at the border.

Astrologiassa kuNDali taitaa tarkottaa yksinkertaisesti syntymäkarttaa, mutta emme ole tuosta satavarma... Tongue

* ketu   m. (fr. 4. %{cit}) , bright appearance , clearness , brightness (often pl. , `" rays of light "') RV. VS. AV. ; lamp , flame , torch ib. ; day-time S3a1n3khBr. ; (Naigh. iii , 9) apparition , form , shape RV. Pa1rGr2. ; sign , mark , ensign , flag , banner RV. AV. MBh. &c. ; a chief , leader , eminent person RV. R. iv , 28 , 18 Ragh. ii , 33 BhP. ; intellect , judgment , discernment (?) RV. v , 66 , 4 AV. x , 2 , 12 ; any unusual or striking phenomenon , comet , meteor , falling star AdbhBr. Mn. i , 38 VarBr2S. BhP. &c. ; the dragon's tail or descending node (considered in astron. as the 9th planet , and in mythol. as the body of the demon Sain6hikeya [son of Sin6hika1] which was severed from the head or Ra1hu by Vishn2u at the churning of the ocean , but was rendered immortal by having tasted the Amr2ita)

** If bad or wrong things that someone has done in the past have come home to roost, or if their chickens have come home to roost, they are now experiencing the unpleasant effects of these actions. Appeasement has come home to roost.
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