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Tai, toimiihan se... kirja: "Why Quantum Physicists Play Grow a Greater You - Greg Kuhn"

Kirjan mukaan, se mitä koemme perustuu oletuksiimme siitä miten asiat toimivat. Koska emme voi muuttaa oletuksiamme, meidän tulisi muuttaa uskomuksiamme, joista oletukset kumpuavat.

Kirjassa on seuraava ohje, miten muuttaa uskomuksia tunteiden avulla. Tuntuu toimivan paremmin kuin affirmaatiot tai visualisointi...

“Here is the process. Please don’t be fooled by how simple it might sound to you at first.

1. Using the Emotional Reference Chart, identify how you currently feel about your Strikeout Desire.
2. Select the next highest emotion up the chart and write about your absent desire from that perspective.
3. Live your way into that next highest emotion over the course of one to three days (or longer if you feel it necessary).
4. Select the next highest emotion up the chart from the one you just wrote about/lived your way into and write about it/live your way into it in the same manner you did with the previous one.
5. Never moving more than one emotion up at a time and never more than one emotion up per day, repeat steps 2 through 4 until you have moved yourself all the way up to the top of the Emotional Reference Chart.”

Greg Kuhn. “Why Quantum Physicists Play "Grow a Greater You": Learn How to Live the Most Truly Fulfilling Life Humanly Possible.”

My Emotional Reference Chart

1 Love/Ecstasy
2 Joy/Elation
3 Ease/Power
4 Confidence/Inspiration
5 Excitement/Passion
6 Anticipation/Eagerness
7 Enthusiasm/Ambition
8 Hopefulness/Optimism
9 Interest/Inquisitiveness
10 Acceptance/Peace
11 Introspection/Contemplation
12 Pensiveness/Melancholy
13 Indifference/Apathy
14 Unease/Discontent
15 Frustration/Aggravation
16 Worry/Nervousness
17 Doubt/Pessimism
18 Anger/Blame
19 Anxiety/Fear
20 Grief/Desolation
21 Despair/Worthlessness
22 Powerlessness/Dejection
23 Depression/Hopelessness
When first identifying where you are on this chart, if you’re not certain which emotion to choose, trust your instincts.  Trust your gut and go with what feels like the predominant emotion.

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