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Your Aztec sign is Rain

 The Aztec You:
Still waters run deep. You love to use your mind and you relish looking at everything from different angles, following every train of thought until you filter out the unnecessary and come up with useful and practical new ideas. You can be persuasive and your ability to explain ideas and concepts in a way that makes them easy to understand makes you a good teacher. You have a strong sense of responsibility and although you are not a loner, you do need the occasional private moment in order to reflect, meditate and calm your active mind.

True love has no bounds and once you’ve committed yourself to another, you will be constant and faithful. A loving relationship provides emotional and physical satisfaction. You will care deeply for your partner and you will make it your duty to fulfil their every desire. Take care, however, that in giving so much of yourself to your lover, you don’t lose touch with your own needs.

Who'd Suit You:
Those born under your opposite sign, Water, will understand your deep emotions. A faithful lover could be found in a Dog or Owl. There will be compatibility with a Flower but they might find you too intense and emotional. Romance with a Rabbit will be both fun and amusing.

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